Why BMD Landscape?

We practice “green” design.

Environmental concerns have always been center-stage for us. This is not an optional component of our design but essential to each project. In the course of our work, we have found innovative and economically viable solutions to even the most serious environmental challenges.

We cultivate passion.

We harbor a culture of high standards and we care deeply about what we do. You can see it in our work, you will feel it in our client meetings. We find deep meaning in our projects and we put our heart into them. And we communicate this passion at all levels – from the design partner who heads the team, to the landscape architects we have schooled in client communication.

We speak plainly.

We like straight talk, but we don’t disdain true debate of the deeper issues. We just don’t like flash and dazzle – the kind of Archi-Speak that ends up confusing or intimidating people instead of educating them and persuading them. The issues may not be simple, but that’s all the more reason to make our dialog as clear and direct as possible.