Spraying and Fertilization

Pre-emergent Weed Controlspraying copy
A pre-emergent is applied in the spring of the year to help prevent unwanted crabgrass from overtaking your lawn.

Targeted Weed Control
Eliminates various types of weeds that pop up throughout the year and keeps them from spreading.

Targeted Insect Control
Fights a variety of lawn damaging insects before they cause damage, like feeding on grass blades or roots.

Fertilization applied at key points throughout the year to give that lush green look you’ve always wanted.

Soil Amendments
Balances pH for optimal lawn growth. Improves nutrient availability, rooting and microorganism activity.

Lawn Aeration & Overseeding
Opens compact soil to the flow of air, water and nutrients. Fills in thinning areas of turf with new seed.

Tree & Shrub

Includes root zone fertilization, insect and disease control, horticultural oil, targeted trunk injection and winter protection.


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