Compost Filter Socks

NCM_0478Compost filter socks are an open mesh fabric tube, filled with composted ground organic material such as bark mulch, land clearing debris, and yard waste.  It can be used in place of silt fence and it lasts longer while it performs better.

Compost socks capture and hold silt, and filter storm water run-off better than silt fence.  Unlike silt fence it will not fall over, resists wash out, and it is an excellent perimeter control for your jobsite.  Compost socks can be installed on environmentally sensitive areas where minimal soil disturbance is required. It does not need trenching making it an excellent choice for erosion control around tree roots, above utility lines, or around inlets.

BM Dietrich Landscape Architecture custom installs 8″-32″ diameter socks on site or can pre-fill 8” and 12” socks on skids from a variety of sock manufacturers to meet any specification. Call for price and availability



  • Cost Effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Install
  • Green Product